Let Me Ask you ONE Question That Could Change Your Life...

Are You Feeling Stressed, Anxious, Overwhelmed Or “Not Enough”

No Matter How Hard You Try?

If There Was a Way to Feel Safe, Calm & Happy

(Without Spending Decades in Therapy);

Would You Finally Feel Confident Enough to Show Up as Your Authentic Self and Powerful Enough to Own Your Authenticity

So You Can Have More Joy, Happiness, AND Deeper Relationships?

Are You constantly Distracted Putting Out emotional fires

instead of Using your Emotions efficiently?

If you are Living A Life Full Of Overwhelm, Stress & Anxiety

I am going to show you Why

you are wasting precious time and energy putting out your emotional fires;

energy that you could be using to Life A More Present And Fulfilling Life!

you've worked too hard to stay Stuck In Slow Motion, Spinning Your Wheels

Like Austin Powers Flipping a U-turn In The Underground Bunker Of Your Emotions...

(like This Guy...)

And While You might have been taught to "fake it till you make it"...

And that strategy has worked for you to a point...

there are things that just Cannot be faked.

Like unshakable confidence, Healthy Boundaries and Owning The power within yourself.

Living A Fulfilling Life With Passion & Purpose can LITERALLY be the hardest

AND most rewarding thing You Will Ever Do. 

BUT, If you are being constantly triggered by old traumas, Running Faulty Subconscious Programs and Out Of Control emotional fires


of the Simple joy Of Being PRESENT that you are working so hard to achieve...

Like every time…

  • Someone needs something or wants something from you. Or…

  • You can't stop comparing yourself to others and your negative self-talk kicks up in high gear. Or…

  • You push yourself out of your comfort zone and feel like a total fraud, thinking “Why would anyone want to listen to ME?”.

The Struggle Is Real!

And the Stats Don't Lie…

More & More People Are Feeling Overwhelmed...

Are Struggling With Their Stress...

And Are Struggling With Their Health as a Result.


of American adults reported that it "feels like there has been a constant stream of crises without a break over the last two years."


of adults in the UK have felt so stressed they have been overwhelmed or unable to cope.


of people experience stress that affects their physical health & 73% of people have stress that impacts their mental health

Source: WebMD

Source: Mental Health Foundation UK

Source: American Institute Of Stress

And It Is NOT Getting Any Better


of adults reported experiencing moderate to high levels of stress in the past month and nearly half reported that their stress has increased in the past year.

Source: American Psychological Association

Stress and Overwhelm Are the Top Existential Threats Facing Your Life Today

Which is why getting a handle on your mindset and your emotions in life is so critical!

But if you are ready to STOP FAKING IT, and START MAKING IT...


And you're ready to step into authenticity, power, and security so your life can soar to new heights…

Then keep reading.

Because what I am about to tell you could easily change the way you see yourself and your life, and streamline your way to more peace and freedom than you have felt in YEARS.

But First...

Why “Thinking Positive” Is not Enough to Get You Unstuck

If you have been doing this for a while, you have probably found that the

“just think positive” approach to shifting your mindset and get a handle on your emotions is,


You've tried affirmations…

So you tried guided meditations On YouTube…

You even tried talk therapy…

But realized how much repetition they actually take for you to shift your thoughts and beliefs at a deep level.

Which was OKAY, but becoming Dr. Google was ultimately a distraction that took you further away from a lasting solution.

But soon discovered how long it would actually take to make progress when all you did was talk about your issues, not work through them.

The problem with these approaches?

Unless You Confront the Emotions Underneath Your Emotional Fires...

“Thinking Positive” will not be enough to put those fires out for good,

so your forest (aka your life) can grow into a lush, green, healthy ecosystem that will provide for yourself, your family, and the meaningful relationships of your life.

Here's A Little Secret...

You are not using your brain effectively, yet.

There are two main parts of the mind: the conscious and the subconscious.

The Conscious Mind wants to make a change, do something different, and do better.

The Subconscious Mind tries to protect you and keep you safe.

However, here is the problem...

The Conscious Mind is only responsible for about 10% of the brain's power!

The other 90%, The Subconscious Mind, well...

THAT is the key to finding the source of those emotional fires you keep "coping" with

(like traumas, unresolved emotions and long-term unhealthy programs).

So you can see why trying to make those changes with your conscious mind alone is never going to put out those fires.

You must learn how to work with your subconscious mind to put out the emotional fires, heal the forest and grow a healthy, abundant, FULFILLING life.

I Wish More People Knew This, So They Could Stop TORTURING Themselves

Because when I see people struggling with anxiety, overwhelm, procrastination, comparison, and not feeling good enough;

BLAMING themselves for not working hard enough, SHAMING themselves for not being enough, and HATING themselves for not looking the part…

When I KNOW they could be using the SIMPLE, beautiful, power and potential of their minds...

This honestly breaks my heart.

Because you ARE good enough. Your voice DOES matter.

You DO mean something to the world, and I GUARANTEE you have something very special to bring to the table.

What you are to the world is just as unique and valuable as any celebrity or top-tier influencer out there.

You ARE Special. You ARE Unique.

ALSO, Money Is NOT The Problem!

For all of you beating yourselves up for not growing fast enough or making enough money; STRUGGLING beyond your limits to break six, seven or even eight figures because you BELIEVE that is the key to your happiness and fulfillment.

I want you to know...

Money does NOT equal Happiness OR Fulfillment.

This is NOT the most important metric to be focused on in your life.

The numbers in your bank account do NOT automatically create that internal feeling of safety and abundance in your life.

Breaking six figures, making your first million, or even your next million, is NOT going to solve the problem; if you do not put out the fires, you will STILL worry that you are not good enough, not safe enough, not loved enough, maybe even that you will run out of money EVEN IF IT IS ABSOLUTELY IRRATIONAL.

Because those worries do not go away. Money just amplifies what is already in your consciousness.

Piling a bunch of money on top of self doubt & scarcity will NOT make you feel more abundant or fulfilled no matter how hard you try.

But knowing HOW to put out your emotional fires to find freedom and peace RIGHT NOW, WILL bring you happiness and fulfillment, no matter where you are on your journey.

Living by This Wisdom Is Not Easy

(I'll Be the First to Admit That)

When You Finally Stop Running From Your Emotional Fires, Start Putting Them Out, And Start Building A Fire-Proof Emotional Foundation...

what you find on the other side is a freedom and peace you never thought possible and the energy and confidence to create the success and happiness you deserve.

You Want...

  • To be more efficient with your emotions

  • To show up more authentically in life

  • To have deeper, meaningful relationships

  • To have MEANINGFUL EXPERIENCES with those close to you

It is EASIER than you THINK... But you have to do the work.


You Will…

  • Stand confidently in your strength

  • Find your POWERFUL VOICE

  • Have energy to focus on improving your life

  • Show up FEARLESSLY as your True, Authentic Self


Can You Imagine...

  • Finding the inner strength and courage to stop doubting, second guessing yourself, or caring what other people think?

  • Authentically showing up in your life so you can grow without letting your nerves get the better of you?

  • Making bold moves in your life that are way outside your comfort zone (without feeling like a total fraud)?

  • Releasing old habits and installing new programs without having to bully yourself into making those changes (and getting way faster results)?

  • Becoming so resilient that ‘rejection’ becomes a thing of the past, where instead you bounce straight back with more determination than ever before?

  • Becoming a master of getting shit done so that you never let perfectionism or procrastination hold you back again?

When You Tap Into the Magic of Your Subconscious Mind and Retrain Your Brain, So Much More Becomes Possible


Hypnotherapy Is a Proven, Effective Way to Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind So You Can Get to the Root of What's Holding You Back (Without Taking You Decades to See Results)




38% Recovery


600 Sessions


If you had weekly sessions...

That's almost TWELVE YEARS!

FYI Avg Salary In The United States

For A Psychoanalyst Is About


So that's about $42,000!

Source: Salary Dot Com

(and only THIRTY EIGHT PERCENT success?)

That's an expensive MAYBE...

A Bit Faster...

Behavior Therapy:

72% Recovery


22 Sessions

If you had weekly sessions

That's almost SIX MONTHS!

(not bad at Seventy Two Percent success...)

The Fast Track!




After ONLY...

6 Sessions


If you had weekly sessions...

That's LESS than TWO MONTHS!

For Grade A Certainty!

Source: American Health Magazine, Dr. Alfred A. Barrios

After 18 years of experience applying the principles of mindset, life coaching, and hypnotherapy working with clients all over the world, I have refined these effective processes into my signature methodology.

My Method Is Based On Three Very Simple Principles:

  1. You Are NOT Broken - Your mind has been working as designed your whole life, guiding you and protecting you to the best of its ability from what it's known so far.

  2. It Is NOT Your Fault - You simply haven't been given the tools and support you need to feel safe enough to fully let go and release what's been holding you back.

  3. You ARE Stronger Than You Think - I guide you back into your own power, tapping into that wonderful part of your own mind that already knows what got stuck, where it got stuck, and how to release it.

Here Is What My Clients Have To Say

10,000 +

Client Hours

2,000 +

Global Clients

500 +

5-Star Reviews

A Bit About Me...

Hi, I'm David, and I am literally WIRED to help work through your mental and emotional hurdles (even the super sneaky ones you don't know about yet).

Living life with a primary caregiver who was a heroin addict and alcoholic, moving around a LOT, and growing up rough (like digging-through-trash-bins-to-find-food-to-survive kinda rough)... let's just say my upbringing was anything BUT normal.

As a result, I have spent my entire life learning about emotions, the mind, neuroscience, psychology, and how to heal unresolved traumas.

despite all this and Becoming A certified Hypnotherapist, I Still brought a lot of my own wounds into my Life when I started coaching in 2004 Such as, codependency, people-pleasing, and self-sabotaging behavior.

The journey from being an over-extended, Self-Sabotaging, co-dependent people-pleaser, blocking my own Success at every turn, to a six-figure Personal life coach & Hypnotherapist was a tough one. It meant taking my own proven Method And applying it to myself, to become my own client.

(This was put to the test when I had to pivot during covid like the best of ‘em and lost $50,000 in revenue overnight - ha! “I'm FINE... It's fine. Everything's fine...”).

One of my biggest breakthroughs during this time was discovering that working with EMOTIONAL OPTIMZATION was my PASSION and PURPOSE: Helping people who are also passionate, innovative, and determined to become the lions of their life and lead the world…

those... are my type of people!

I have created a way to special way to coach those who are ready to...


Enter, The Emotional Optimization Academy™...

The Emotional Optimization Academy™

Skip Decades Of Trying To Get Unstuck…

And Learn Proven Strategies for Mental & Emotional Processing So You Can Reprogram Your Subconscious, Crush Your Blocks & Build Your Authentically Aligned And Genuinely Fulfilling Life

Doors Are Currently Closed.

Join The Waitlist.


Emotional Optimization Foundations

Short, bite-sized training videos that introduce you to The core foundational concepts, philosophy and approach.

1) Becoming Your Own Hero

  • Learn why people subconsciously want to be rescued so that you never have to leave your own personal power on the table again or look for other people to rescue you.

  • Understand why life makes you uniquely qualified to be your own hero and finally liberate yourself from toxic, dysfunctional relationships

  • Discover how you’ve already been a hero this whole time, so you can show up for yourself in bigger, bolder ways than you thought possible (and stop looking to other people to do this for you).

2) Understanding Personal Power

  • Uncover the connection between personal power and the communities you’re part of so that you can step into becoming a confident leader rather than letting your fears get in the way of building your tribe.

  • Learn how we give away our power without even realizing it so that you can promote yourself with confidence instead of censoring your voice and playing small.

  • Discover how to reclaim your personal power to become a confident leader in your industry instead of doubting every decision you make or questioning your own genius.

3) Stress & Anxiety As Tools

  • Uncover the source of your constant stress and anxiety so you can increase feelings of safety and acceptance in your business instead of constantly being overwhelmed by your to-do list.

  • Discover how processing old emotions releases electrical impulses in your brain so you can release these stored emotions once and for all rather than spin your wheels from quick fix to quick fix.

  • Learn a simple 3 step technique you can use to release your emotions in just 5 minutes so you can get unstuck right away instead of constantly putting your emotions on the back burner.

Members-Only Coaching Calls

Weekly calls cover a different theme each week based on the topics our members choose.

Weekly Zoom Calls

  • Weekly live coaching calls - Have something to look forward to each week around improving your emotional optimization over time, rather than constantly putting those thoughts and feelings on the back burner for a “better” time.

  • New lessons each week - Each coaching call covers a different theme based on what our members need help with at that time, so they can have the support they need in their life, when they need it.

  • Live Q&A - Get your questions answered on each week’s topic live on the call so you can fill in any knowledge gaps you may have and get access to my expertise.

  • 2 Hot Seats per call - Get weekly guidance and insight into your emotional optimization issues from a professional hypnotherapist and get access to life coaching and hypnotherapy on demand.

  • Live guided hypnotherapy meditations - Tap into the power of your subconscious with guided meditations that put our weekly lessons into ACTION so you can make more progress more quickly.

Can't Forget The Bonuses...

The Emotional Optimization Community™

A dedicated community of like-minded Emotional Optimizers that you can stay connected with and share the journey together. You never have to feel alone again!

A members only Group Of Like-Minded Optimizers

  • Facebook Community - Receive guidance and support from your peers as you ask for help and learn from each other’s struggles (rather than spinning your wheels in isolation and trying to figure everything out for yourself).

  • Dedicated Q&A Thread - Get ongoing support and your questions around all things subconscious blocks, emotional processing & mental reprogramming answered without having to wait from call to call.

  • Dedicated Resource Thread - Get the tools & resources you need for your journey to improve your life and level up your business so you can save time and focus on more important things.

The Emotional Optimization Meditation Library™

Get past the emotional and mental blocks that are holding you back with a growing library of guided hypnotherapy meditations.

The Emotional Optimization Meditation Library™

Guided Hypnotherapy Meditations

  • Emotional Triggers

  • Stress & Anxiety

  • Stop People Pleasing

  • Self Sabotage

  • Negative Self Talk & Self Loathing

  • Feeling Defeated

  • Procrastination

  • Drive & Motivation

  • Getting Things Done

  • Focus & Time Management

  • Self Care & Self Love

  • Authenticity & Alignment

  • Life Purpose & Passion

  • Time Bending

  • plus more coming soon!


  • Emotional Optimization Foundations ($199/Mo Value)

  • Members Only Coaching Calls & Topic Requests ($299/Mo Value)

  • Emotional Optimization Community ($399/Mo Value)

  • Emotional Optimization Meditation Library ($199/Mo Value)

$1,096 Value Per Month


  • A Better Relationship With Your Self

  • Confidence, Clarity & Connection

  • More Efficiency

  • Your Sanity

  • Your Success

  • Your Emotional Freedom & Peace Of Mind

Join now...

Become A

Emotional Optimization Academy™


Doors Are Currently Closed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve read dozens of books on self-help and changing your mindset. How is this any different?

I love learning and I especially love self-help books (when they're done well).

But cramming a bunch of information into your brain isn’t going to help you level up your life.

Consistent, deliberate action will. And a supportive uplifting community to keep you accountable.

The Emotional Optimization Academy™ helps you put all your existing knowledge and genius into ACTION, by giving you the guidance, support and accountability to help you make consistent progress in your business mindset.

Is this one of those stage shows where I'm going to quack like a duck (or something like that)?

Rest assured, this isn't some stage hypnosis show. Nobody is going to quack like a duck (unless they want to, and I'm not here to judge). You will be completely in control of your mind the whole time.

During each call, there are two hot seats, where two lucky people get the chance to talk through what’s been bothering them that week with me. The hot seats are more conversational and coaching in nature.

At the end of the call, I lead everyone through a live, guided hypnotherapy session, where you let that part inside of your own mind guide you on the journey that is right for you. That helps you get to the root of your own issues using the power of your own mind. Think of it like a deeper guided meditation, because that's exactly what it will feel like.

It’s a very similar process to the work that I do with my 1:1 clients, but you get that 1:1 experience at a fraction of the cost when you’re part of this membership.

Will this just be another course for me to learn before I can start getting the help I need?

No! I designed The Emotional Optimization Academy™ to be as quick start and practical as possible.

There is no mandatory material for you to go through before you can start attending the weekly calls or start asking questions and start getting coached by me.

What if I don’t have time to request a topic or show up for the calls?

While The Emotional Optimization Academy™ was designed to be member-directed (meaning you get the most out of it the more you put into it), I totally get it.

We all have busy lives.

So all the coaching call replays are accessible to you whenever you have the time to watch them. So no need to worry about missing out if you can’t attend live.

You’ll still get immense value from them when listening to them after the fact! (AND you can watch as many times as you want.)

In fact, lots of our members have said they get a TON about themselves from listening to other members talk through their problems. Sometimes about mindset issues they didn’t even realize they had…

But…show up for the calls! You’ll be glad you did :)

How do I know this will work for me?

Unfortunately, you won’t know that this will work for you unless you try it!

This is precisely why we have a 30-Day, Absolute Satisfaction No Questions Asked Guarantee.

I want you to be ABSOLUTELY head over heels in love with the transformations in your mind, your emotions, your business, AND your life!!

So give The Emotional Optimization Academy™ a spin, listen to some of the coaching call replays, get a sense of my coaching style, and if within that first month you aren't completely certain this is for you...

Then we can part ways right there and then – no hard feelings (your credit card will never be charged again).

And if you feel like the membership no longer serves you for whatever reason after those thirty days, you can cancel anytime (the membership is from month to month). 

If you have any questions about this or issues with the membership, simply email us at and we’ll get you all sorted in no time.

What if I join and the membership and I want something more personal? Or, I don't feel like there is enough support to help me work through my stuff?

If you’re still feeling like you need more direct, ongoing support than the membership provides, I have ways to work with me directly. Just reach out to book a 1:1 coaching session with me, or join my 90 day program.

This would be the best way to give you direct, personalized support and attention you need so we can work through your blocks together on an ongoing basis.

Get IN Now...

The Emotional Optimization Academy™

You have a 30 Day No-Questions-Asked-Money-Back-Guarantee & Can cancel any Time


You've worked too hard to NOT have it all!

Doors Are Currently Closed.

Join The Waitlist.

David A. Caren, C.Ht.

Emotional Optimization Coach™

Founder of The Emotional Optimization Academy™

The Numbers: 10,000+ Sessions | 2,000+ Clients | 500+ 5-Star Reviews

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